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Please note that treatments require a 24-hour cancellation notice. Contact the clinic to cancel your booked appointment.

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Massage therapy can help every unique body perform at its best.

From prevention to rehabilitation to pain relief, massage therapy complements the body’s inherent ability to heal itself by releasing deep muscle tension, improving circulation, encouraging lymphatic drainage, and addressing acute injuries.

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Our Level approach implements a variety of effective techniques (such as trigger point therapy, active and passive stretching, hydrotherapy, relaxation and treatment focused techniques) and custom treatment plans tailored to what your body needs and any concerns you may be experiencing. 

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Our clinic is equipped with the right equipment to enhance your massage experience.


  • Electric and Heated Lift Tables

  • Contour Cushions

  • Table Warming Pads

  • Hypoallergenic Massage Gel

  • Your choice of playlist

  • Clean Environment


Swedish Massage Therapy


Massage Therapy (also known as Swedish MassageTherapy in Ontario) incorporates a variety of techniques to allow the body to relax and realign.  Some of the techniques include the use of forearms, palms, knuckles, and fingertips to unwind soft tissue adhesions ("knots") or percussive techniques for drainage of sinuses/relaxation of tissues. See how massage can benefit you.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy


Enhance your massage with hot stones that create tiny, comforting heat sources, placed on various points of the body. The comforting heat radiating from the smooth, polished stones allows muscles to relax and soften during treatment. Your massage therapist may also use the stones to massage tissues, incorporating oils to allow the stones to glide more easily.

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Tools and techniques that our therapists can incorporate to enhance your massage (at no cost):




at-home stretching 

Please note: Cupping Therapy, Athletic Taping, Hydrotherapy, and at-home stretching exercises are tools and techniques that our therapists may incorporate into your massage appointment if they feel it can benefit you. These add-ons are free of charge but can be declined. They will not extend the original duration of your appointment. Ask one of our therapists if these can benefit you.

a photo of a Massage Therapist performing cupping therapy on client

Cupping Therapy

Our modified version of the ancient Chinese practice of cupping uses silicone and plastic cups during treatment (no flames or alcohol!). However, the benefits remain the same. The cups create suction to draw fluid and fascia into the area, breaking up congestion, releasing stagnation, and increasing overall tissue mobility. Ask your massage therapist or contact us today if cupping could benefit you.

a photo of atheltic taping performed on client's knee.

Athletic Taping

We use elastic tape for athletic taping to support treatments. It can remain on the skin for up to 5 days to assist post-treatment effects. Athletic taping is used for a variety of considerations, including encouraging bruise recovery and posture awareness.



Hydrotherapy is the therapeutic use if water using differing temperatures and additives for healing.  Hot or cold compresses would be an example. Heat is used to relax sore/tight muscles, where cold would help to decrease swelling and pain.  Our RMTs use and recommend hydrotherapy for a variety of conditions including headaches and digestive issues. Hydrotherapy treatments are not an additional cost, but is at the discretion of the therapist based on your concern and underlying condition(s).

Woman Stretching

At-home stretching exercises

If our massage therapists believe that a particular stretching exercise can benefit you in your recovery or development, they will take 5-10 minutes to demonstrate how to properly do the stretch. This will not extend past the duration of your appointment.

Experiencing these symptoms? 

Headaches, migraines, back pain, neck pain, shoulder discomforts, pregnancy discomforts, digestive issues?  We can help!

Upper Back Massage
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